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Any recommendation for a good female gynae from TMC?

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I delivered my daughter with Dr Eunice Chua at TMC and she was excellent. During my pregnancy although I had complications - she was extremely supportive and available - every step of the way - which is rare to find. We had a smooth delivery thanks to her.I would recommend him very very highly to anyone I know.

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Dr Eunice Chua is a bit conservative in the sense that she'll let you know of all the risks and statistics. You then tend to opt for all the tests which adds to the total cost of course.

6mo ago

Do u mind sharing roughly how much the total cost was?

Dr Judy Wong. Very patient and reassuring. My first consultation with her was 1 hour! Previously went to Dr Claudine Tan and 1st consultation was only 15 minutes.

Dr Adelina Wong! Her team is very experienced and for me, every visit to her clinic was filled with much joy, laughter and reassurance (:

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Dr Judy Wong.. very kind and friendly gynae.. charges are slightly more expensive and no package.. but definitely worth the money

I’m with Dr Eunice Chua. Her clinic is called TLC Gynaecology and it’s in TMC :) highly recommended to me by my ex colleague!

Had a great experience with Dr Eunice Chua. She doesn't rush through any explanations and is very patient.

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Dr Liana Koe. Very patient and reassuring throughout the whole journey of pregnancy and delivery.

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Dr SIM Lee Ngor. Delivery charges are a bit on the high side but her service is good.

2y ago

I don’t have good experience with her. She seldom give advice (maybe she thinks all mummy are knowledgeable as her) for first time mummy. 😅😅 abit regret chosing her. If I were to have 2nd baby, I will chose other gynae.

Many good gynae. Dr LN Sim, Dr WK Tan, Dr Yvonne Chan.