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Anybody has any good female Gynae from Thomson Medical that you would recommend?

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Hi just found out we are about 6 weeks pregnant, don’t have a regular gynae at the moment. How to choose a gynae for the first check up and scan? Do you find the hospital you want to give birth first then a gynae from there?

3y ago

I would suggest finding a gynae first then the hosp as most sg hosp are decent and good. I m with Joycelyn Wong, ACJ Women's clinic at amount A. She only delivers in Mount A. Or I heard Benjamin Tham or Adrian Woodworth of TMC are not bad too.

Dr. Adelina Wong. Soft spoken and very patient, with good skills. Strong credentials.

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My female gynecologist, Dr KT Tan from KKH is good. Not sure if she goes to other hospitals.

I m currently with Dr Claudie Tan frm TMC. Her clinic is at serangoon Central.

Dr wk Tan. She delivered my 3 nieces and my Lo. Affordable packages too.

I would recommend Dr Pamela Tan, she's really a caring doctor. 😀

12mo ago

may i know her doctor rates? how much did u spend in total? also how much was her antenatal package

My gynae was adelina wong. Good. Hehe.

Dr Liana Koe from STOG Practice!

1y ago

Hi! Care to share how much is your delivery fees?

Dr Yvonne from TMC is good. Lvl 6

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I’m with Dr Pamela Tan fr TMC.