My 2 year old child keeps crying in class and hates to be in the classroom. He is more calm once he gets out of the classroom (at the play area). Because of this, teacher has pulled him out of the class so that he doesn’t distract the rest of the students. Any suggestions on how the Teachers can conduct the class with him around? Teachers are not willing to conduct the class outside the classroom as they don’t have the necessary teaching materials and resources.

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Hi there, have you checked with your child why he doesn't like his class? I think the answer will be the key to solving this problem. If he cannot articulate what he feels, then I would request the teacher to let you observe your child and see what the problem is. It could be many things. Maybe he doesn't like the routine change, maybe he isn't too fond of the teacher; maybe he just gets distracted, and the teacher sees this as him being disruptive. So have a chat with the teacher and get to the bottom of the problem before changing the routine.

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I agree...he may be having anxiety when he does not see you with the teacher....see if he can take his favorite toys etc for some time inside school till he builds his routine. try alleviating his anxiety of leaving you by letting him play by himself for some time every day.

sounds like anxiety issue. Did he just join the childcare centre? Maybe can do role play at home to give him an idea what class is like? Do give him time to warm up, or find him a little buddy :)

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maybe anxiety issue. try talking to ur child and bring ur child to the school area even there are no school. talk to ur child. reassure