Grandparent take care LO

Quite angry with my Mil when she insist her style of taking care the baby and ignore what we told her.. but i cant do anything coz i need her help to take care my LO when i go to work... example she always like to prepare the formula 30-40mins ahead of the feeding time although i hv repeatedly told her not to do so. I said the formula might spoil, but she jus do as what she like.. know how...stuborn old ppl!

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Maybe can try to understand her ‘reason’ as to WHY she needs to prepare 30-40 mins ahead rather than prepare right before. Listen to her point of view and tackle from there. Or else, get your hubby or someone whom you think she ‘might’ listen to, get this person to advise her on this.

1y ago

Crying is good for the baby’s lungs! (Some say) Anyway, tell her it’s OKAY to let baby cry a little to have fresh milk. I don’t know if it’s rude but wanna ask her “Are you sure you will be ok if baby suffers a tummy upset just because you cannot stand the baby crying?” Or else tell her it’s “advised by doctor” - see if she buys the idea.

try to create a fake story like the milk spoil already. or purposely say to your child (with her hearing) poor thing, need to drink milk that was left out for so long. not fresh. 😆 maybe she will get pissed and start preparing it last min then 😅

too bad most grannies are like that. not only MIL, your own mother may also do that. cause they think they have more experience than you. and maybe that's how they brought you up. I think if it makes you uncomfortable, better send to infant care

1y ago

I think if we are paying money for an outsider to take care, at least we can voice our opinions and they are obliged to listen. grannies? no.. you have to listen to them instead.

Hi, Yes this is very normal experience for almost all of us as they think that they are experienced so they know better. Better to tell your husband to speak politely to his mom regarding this

1y ago

complaint to my hubby many hubby doesnt wan to offend his mom.. said jus let her be..😤

I can relate.. its hard to deal with MIL... my mil always gave my toddler screen time which i really hate it! But no choice.. cos she help me to take care of LO when I go back to work

try using old ppl's tales on her...say drinking milk tats left there for sometime cuz gassy stomach for bb...juz like old ppl cannot eat overnight food....

1y ago

tried that.. told her will cause bb stomach gassy.. she dont listen.. she said jus apply oil on bb stomach can ardy


it's normal they always think they are right especially when it comes to feeding solid

1y ago

ya.. they think they are more experience..

same situation here!😑