Is quinoa okay to eat during pregnancy? I'm craving them like crazy.

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Quinoa is generally known as a superfood -- packed with fibre and important nutrients. Moreover, quinoa, like other wholegrains, release energy more slowly. This helps in keeping blood sugarr levels stable and keeps your energy up more consistently. For me, I eat quinoa with one of my meals everyday as a rice substitute and I realise that it has helped me quite a bit with my occasional constipation issues. So I would think it is okay to eat quinoa during pregnancy -- but as with everything else, in moderation, of in moderation :)

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I don't see why not! It is a good source of carbohydrate, fiber and is also relatively higher in protein as compared to other grains. It is important to eat well and eat enough during pregnancy. So, have a good mix of everything and enjoy!

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Yes I ate quinoa during my pregnancy, it is high in protein.

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Yes but in moderate