How much milk per feed for 1 year old?

Hi pumping mommas. I'm latching my 1 year old girl at home but she goes to infant care and I don't know if she's getting enough milk each feed. Can you please share how much EBM your 1 year old takes each feed from the bottle? Thanks so much in advance!

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hi mummy, u can experiment at home first. instead of latching offer her milk in a bottle. start at maybe 150-180ml n see if she still wants more or less, do it for a few days n come up with an average amount that she is willing to take :)

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210ml 3 times a day Breakfast lunch dinner Water in between

180ml for 1 years old 4xmilk 2x solid

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It depends on individual baby. I nurse my baby during the night bottle feed during the day. Each feed 180ml 3 hourly. 2 meal a day with snacks in between after milk.