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Hi, my baby is 7 weeks old and taking 100ml of milk for each feed, at about interval of 2 - 3 hrs. She usually will.drink 10 times, that is about 1 litre per day. May I know is it too much? As my baby is quite chubby =p ( 5.2kg currently). Mummies can share how much u give. Thank you!

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I've checked with the PD regarding my baby (8 weeks) intake. She mentioned babies between 2nd to 6th month should be drinking between 750 -900ml daily. Some of the suggestions she gave for reducing the amount of milk is try to stretch the time in between feed, let baby latch awhile in between feed..

isit bm or fm? abit hard to overfeed baby if is bm, fm maybe will be abit much


At 7 weeks my baby drinking 140ml 2 hourly. Weighting about 6kg at 9 weeks.

It seems quite a lot. But best to check with paediatrician.

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I wouldn't worry unless baby is drinking lesser :)