How much to feed at 2 weeks old

Hello, I’m currently mixing formula milk and breastmilk for my almost 2 weeks old baby. Our pd recommended 60ml for each feed but it doesn’t seem to be enough for our baby. May I know how many ml formula milk each feed do you feed your baby at 2 weeks old? My baby is around 3.5kg Thanks!

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my girl took 60mls 2hrly at 2weeks old (3.7kg), but there are times where she demands for more. Doctor said its ok to give in to her demand, could be growth spurt. so at max i gave her 90mls total if she demands for more and to avoid overfeeding . (day mixed feed, night full formula) maybe you can ask your pd again

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My 2 weeks old baby drinking 120 ml every 2 hourly. It varies for different baby. Cannot just listen to pd you gave to add more and see if baby is ok. Usually nb they full they will sleep and not fuss. If they fuss is diaper or warm or uncomfortable.

When my boy was around there, he drank abt 60 to 90ml, every 2/3 hours if i can recall. It depends on the baby, some are heavy milk drinkers while some are not. Just follow your baby's needs and keep them content.

I remember struggling too. I follow my heart after going to 3 different doctors. All say differently. I start with 60ml if not enuff i top up another 30ml either bm or fm. Now my baby 3month, he drinks 200ml.

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60-80ml of ebm every 3 hour, she is light weight at around 2.8 kg

60ml every 2hrs, I had low supply so I mixed formula & BM.

90ml as of current :)