Can the pumped out bm still be fed to baby after 2 hours? As I pumped out but forgot to put in the fridge earlier.

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I will smell and taste it first to see if it is still consumable

Hi, depending on the conditions of the place that the milk was stored in. 4 hrs is based on 25 degrees. So if it is in the day but in a cool room or in the shade, i think i would still try? Frankly i also sometimes pump when i am outside put in my handbag and use within 2 hrs to give baby while i am walking about in mostly air-con places. Not likely to spoil so fast but just that nutrition content is lower

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Personally I won't give to baby after two hours as our weather is so hot, bacteria may be breeding already. Do you want to take a risk on that? In fact many people recommend that at our room temp milk should only be kept for 45mins to 1 hour at room temperature. Of course the milk may still be ok but like I said do you want to take a risk??

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Do a taste test first to see if breast milk has turn sour, in our humid weather I would rather not give it to LO though.