mum and husband

will you protect your husband if he has been tinking for your family, telling u to buy hospitalisation insurance for your parents/ siblings . always ask/ offer to buy food/ things before gg up to ur parents hse. in e past when ur parents need help, he will be there helping them, fetching them around. or will you side ur mum since she’s e main caregiver to ur LO, dont offer to cook for ur husb when he’s at ur parent’s hse, dont really has the patience to teach Lo things but kp watching dramas. when LO cries she will not pacify Lo in a gentle way but lecture Lo for crying. no interaction w husb and gives a face to husb since she doesn’t like him. no doubt she is good when comes to feeding Lo ensuring she takes her 3 meals on time.
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Every family has their own problems. Try to accommodate and live in harmony.