Previously, my baby wakes up at 10pm, 3am and 5am to drink her milk. But just last week, she doesn't wake up anymore and enjoys sleeping longer hours instead. Is this normal to all babies?

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Well, this varies for different babies. You ought to thank baby for your well-deserved sleep. Not all mummies have such a good life. It also depends on the day activities you had with her and the amount of sleep she has in the day. All these factors will determine her sleep at night. I'm breastfeeding my baby and doesn't have such a good life like you. I wakes up every 2-3 hrs even until now that baby is 5 months old.

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Be happy and get your well deserved sleep! My son used to sleep through the night but has recently started waking up at least once for milk. Your baby has probably recognized day and night time, and don't worry if he is hungry or not, he'll wake up and cry for milk if he is ^^ Meanwhile, enjoy this phase!

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It differs from baby to baby. My baby managed to sleep through when he was 3 mths old till now (2.5yrs old). It is a relief because I can get enough rest too. However, there were also times that he wakes up for milk which I didn't give in. I merely patted him back to sleep.

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Yes! It's normal and continue to maintain this sleep cycle! :) feed her/him more during the day