Sleeping too much at 6 weeks?

My 6 weeks old sleeps through the night from 9 to 9, and she doesn’t wake up to drink milk. I have to wake her up every 3 hours in order to feed her. She’s been sleeping like this since day 1. Anybody’s baby is similar? Any potential issue?

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does your baby hv jaundice? jaundice baby tends to easily get tired. but my friend's baby also sleeps through the night from day 1, and she is ok with that, the baby is 2yo now, happy and healthy girl. for me, I get used to feed my baby every 2-3hours since she cannot drink a lot in one feed, so I hv to wake her up to feed her (if she not waking up for more than 3 hours)

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5y ago

Yes, she did have jaundice in the 1st 2 weeks and was warded twice. However, her last jaundice test, though not low, but was ok & dr did not ask for follow-up. That was 4 weeks ago. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’m just worried if there’s any underlying issue ... 😣

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Some babies do sleep through the night. As long as your baby is eating well and doesn't look lethargic should be fine(:

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You are the envy of many mothers out there. Haha. Me included. Mine hasn’t slept through the night once.

Seriously I am to envy of you because my baby don’t sleep for too long 🤣

5y ago

Don’t worry! All babies are different 😋