Any Pinoy home remedies for morning sickness?

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Ginger is very helpful, so salabat would work! It'll also help with indigestion some pregnant women get early in the pregnancy. Another one, though not so much a "Pinoy remedy" is crunching ice! I found out about this after my morning sickness went away so it'd be good to find out if it actually works!

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Lemon and ginger. They're my wife's lifesaver when she was down due to morning sickness all throughout her entire first trimester. You can either it them or sniff them. Just by smelling lemon, my wife's nausea somehow disappears like magic...but only for a while

Ginger root tea or salabat na may kalamansi is a great morning sickness remedy. tested po yan. Pati impatso kayang gamutin nya. Isama mo pa ang ubo at sipon pati pagtatae.

Salabat! And also try putting some ice chips/grated ice in your mouth. Worked well for me.