Parents with no helpers: How do you manage?

Hi parents with no helpers, how do you manage your daily routine and the stress from your crying newborn? I have an older child and my second one was born few weeks ago. I am feeling so exhausted because my second child just felt sick (with mucous and phlegm) and ever since, he became very fussy and cries hysterically whenever he wakes up for milk. Do you talk to someone for mental support? It seems really lonely and tiring especially from 12am to 8am. I told him my husband to sleep during that period so that he can have energy taking care of the older one and help out around the house during the day during this confinement period. I am now on exclusive breastfeeding so I have to feed every 2 hourly.

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I do understand you. I have gone through difficult period with same issue. I went to the doctor to have mental support. my husband helped me a lot.