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Hello parents, My LO is almost 7m , iam introducing her to solid foods but she is resisting, she turns her head away and always cranky when I force her to eat. Iam still breastfeeding her. Can someone suggest how can I make her eat solids? As a mother iam very concerned that only my milk would not be enough for her. Ps - she weighs 7.2kg Help mommies 😣

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Baby rice cereal with bm. And when starting just 2 spoonfuls is a success alrdy. Because they start with trying. And then slowly when they are more used to it, can increase amount. But 2 spoonfuls are all that u need at the start.

Hi , try variety of food . She is still not used to it . I started with avocado and banana . Just mash it into a puree .


I started with plain Porridge and rice cereal it took me 2 weeks to get baby ok with solid. just few a few spoon first.

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maybe can try to give her mixed vegs porridge or oats, cause these food are more filling for babies above 6mths old (:

try eating infront of her and/or eat tgt w her. that will make her curious and wanna try.

Try BLW, my lo hated solids, purees especially until I switched to BLW!

try to introduce puree fruits and vegetables..surely she like it. ❤

mixing your breastmilk with food puree..