Parents, how many hours of sleep do you get on an average?

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Not much! I'd say, on average, around 4 or 5. That's with a toddler in the house, and a baby on the way. I can only expect that number to drop. i will admit that on weekends, my wife and I can usually squeeze in at least one day in which we get 6 or 7 hours of sleep.

On the average, I sleep between 4-6 hours/day during weekdays. On weekends, I get to sleep longer, it depends if we don't have other activities as a family. Upvote Share Reply

7-8 hours. 6 months preggy and with a 2 yr old boy. :) sinasabayan ko matulog ung 2 yr old ko sa nap time nya para makabawi bawi ng sleep.

Definitely not more than 8 hours. I only get enough sleep sometimes on weekends. That is if I don't have weekend tasks to finish. Sigh...

Around 4-5 hours, but I still wake up in between when my 10-month-old baby wants to latch.

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5 hrs. 😂 ang hirap 8 mos preggy, likot si baby samahan mo pa heartburn at leg cramps

After i gave birth via CS i really dont know how many hours nalang ang sleep ko..

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2 to 3 hours putol putol haha.. 23 days old baby ko.. Breastfeeding mom pa here 😂

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Hehe nkaupo ako sis.. Hehe kasi natatakot akong matulugan si baby baka matakpan ung ilong nya

In my dreams eight to ten, but in reality I 'd be lucky to have six at most.

7-8hrs. Got 4yr old and 19months old. Di naman na namumuyat