Hi Parents! My 11+ months old daughter has flu and cough since Sunday. Last night, she had a sudden fever of 39degrees. We fed her paracetemol. 1.5hrs ltr she was cold and clammy. I took her temp and it was 35.1! She also kept jerking once in awhile, not continously. It was obviously interrupting her sleep. May i know if any one knows the cause of the low temp and jerks? Aircon was not on.

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It's normal. 35.1 is indeed low but it's normal. Do take note of the temp again. Don't let it spike high all of sudden as sudden increase of temp may cause febrile seizures.

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5y ago

she was nursing to sleep, all of a sudden her temp became 39. how can i prevent that? so it is normal for her temp to get so low?