My 3.5yo suddenly developed rashes on Saturday morning 22 Oct. It was on her thighs, groin area are her upper arms with 1 small rash on her right cheek. By the time it was dinner time, the rash spread to her whole legs and arms and the other cheek and ears too. She said it was very itchy and she kept scratching till it her limbs and face was inflammed and swollen. Fed her a dose of Clarityn prescribed by pharmacist and applied Calamol on the rashes. She stopped scratching. The next morning, her rashes were still visible and raised. However, no longer red in colour, it was of skin colour. An hour later, she started to feel itchy again and was scratching again. Same treatment of Clarityn and Calamol, and she stopped scratching gradually. After 6 hours, she started feeling itchyness again. She was scratching her head by this time. The rashes seems to have gotten bigger in size and spreading to her back, stomach area, neck and whole face. She also had low grade fever for about an hour without any paracetamol given to her. She previously had high fever for 4 days and it stopped a week before she developed the rashes. Doctor's diagnosis was a bad case of common cold. She did not eat or drink anything new. If so, she had eaten or drank it previously at least few weeks before. The medicines are those she has been taking since she was an infant. No new product such as shampoo or laundry detergent was used. Any parents has experience with this type of rash? 1. Should I bring her to the normal GP she goes to? The GP is good with children and checks thoroughly. 2. Should I bring her to polyclinic instead? Will the doctors at polyclinic run any test to check what is the cause, such as blood or urine test for rashes? Does GP run the same test too?

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Hi, See, what exactly it is, is something that the doctor will be able to tell because there can be rashes due to number of reasons, and other than the doctor it will be very difficult to tell this rash can be a virus, chicken pox or caused by some allergy etc. I suggest you take the baby to the paediatrician and see how he guides you through. Also, there is a very good article in the link below with pictures, and you can read it and se if any of the explanation here matches with what your child is going through. Do not try giving any medication without consulting the doctor, but by reading this article atleast you will be at peace that there is nothing to worry about, and you can relax mentally.

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