Our 3-month-old wakes up 4 to 6 times a night. Sometimes he's not even hungry - he just wants us to comfort him. How can we get him to sleep through the night?

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As your baby reaches around three to four months old, their sleep matures and would go through what is known as the four-month sleep regression. During this period, your baby goes through the different sleep stages that form the sleep cycle (approximately 120mins per cycle). Waking after each cycle is a normal way for the baby to check that he/she is still safe. Once your baby starts going through the four-month sleep regression, you can start the process of sleep training to help your baby get used to the sleep cycles. In the meantime, here are some tips to help encourage your baby to sleep more: - help your baby gets back to sleep after waking by doing things that you have been doing (e.g., feeding, rocking, holding) - swaddle or offer a pacifier to help calm and encourage the baby to sleep - offer a dream feed to help your baby sleep a little longer - ask people around you to help put the baby back to sleep while you get some rest yourself Here is an article with a section that offers useful tips to help your baby adjust if your baby is about three-four months but has yet to show signs of sleep regression: https://childsleepscience.wordpress.com/2014/03/12/the-four-month-sleep-regression-what-is-it-and-what-can-be-done-about-it/ And here’s another with some great tips on how to help move past this period: http://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-sleep-patterns/4-month-sleep-regression/

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Patience. You need to start slow and allow time for the baby to adapt. Sleeping is usually a pattern and it can be taught. For example, making sure that baby is put to sleep everyday around the same time so that they know that it is a routine. Some babies fall asleep whenever mummy holds them. It is the comfort level of the baby. Usually formula fed babies are easier as we will give them a bottle of milk before sleep time. For breastfed baby, you can only ensure that they had drank their milk before sleeping but high tendency is that they will be awake after 3 hrs.

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We've experienced the same. Our baby just wanted to be cuddled by her mother. But eventually, once the baby's in the mother's arms, she or he'll fall asleep. But when you bring him or her down, they'll be awaken. It's really a sacrifice to put a baby into sleep. :)