Is it okay if my newborn didn't burp after a feeding as he was already asleep?

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Usually will burp cos avoid gassy stomach / vomiting if not lo will feel uncomfortable by over feeding (jz in case) n get bloated /colic. Try to burp baby if u can:) But Is ok. if u observe, didnt burp much.. After feeding you can lean your lo up on a shoulder and with the arm of the same side, wrap it around lo bottom for 5-10mins then put down. So baby won’t vomit immediately. Or hold baby’s neck n let lo burp n wait awhile. :)

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Based on my baby, it was okay. If I burped her, she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. She was fine sleeping without being burped.. and when she woke up later on, I would burp her. Haha

Usually I hold my baby upright for awhile so Atleast to allow the milk to digest properly for 15-30 mins n didn’t cause any discomfort before I lay her flat in her cot. ☺️

Theres no rule that babies have to burp after every feeding. In general, breastfed babies dont need as much burping

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Even though he slept u may still make him burp like tap on his back .. or else some time may b reflux happens

When my lo still newborn I still burp him even though he was asleep. At least pat him ard 5-7mins.

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Yes but usually I make sure she burps. Cos the next day she will be super gassy

Is ok. You can carry him lying on ur shoulder before placing him down

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it happens but i do bring her up to my shoulder to burp

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yes but do be prepared that your baby might spit milk