Pregnancy test

Ok I've got this but I'm confused . I've never gotten a positive pregnancy test before . On the 5th morning I took a pregnancy test and I saw it as negative I left it in my cabinet and left. When I came back I saw 2 line. I assumed it was evaporated lines so I ignored it. The next day morning I was tempted to take another one and I got a faint line . And repeatedly I've been getting faint line positive with 3 different brands . And when I checked again on the 8th morning I got a negative. I still do have my breast tender symptoms, cramps and lower back pain. I feel like period symptoms. But what confuses me is is there such thing as false positive ? And what should I do . Someone please help me

Pregnancy test
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I've gotten negative lines many times especially when you leave it and come back. That's when the evaporation line occurs which means it has been exposed to air for some time. Never acknowledge the result like that and test again. I missed my period for 2 weeks before I got to see a faint line. Then I tested again 3 days later with a different test kit brand and the line was darker which meant I am pregnant. I tried again the next day with ClearBlue Digital and it also says I'm pregnant 1-2 weeks (after conception). I booked an appt at the polyclinic and yes, it's confirmed that I am positively pregnant. 27 weeks pregnant currently.

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12mo ago

thank you so much for the suggestion. I will try again in a few days time 🙏🙂🙂