18/9/21-10am I take a pregnancy test right after 3DPO because that 3 days i got a cramp that lasted like two days and turns out i got a faint line. I thought like wow can this be true? But then i think oh maybe this a false positive. I've read a lot from any source that i can get to confirm that what i just had is a 'real pregnancy'. 22/9/21 -7am I take a digital pregnancy test and it stated that i'm not pregnant. I have this weird habit where i loved to open all the pregnancy test and looked inside it to double confirm if there any line or whatsoever. And yes, there's a line but very faint. This one whole week i always ask my husband to buy me more pregnancy test from cheap to the expensive one just for me to confirm again that its not a fake pregnancy line i got last few days. And its a pressure you know because i always think about it. I have all the common pregnancy symptoms and i tell my husband if i got all the symptoms why the pregnancy test turns out to be a faint line. Well being me who loves to read, i read a lot about this faint lines, false positive and chemical pregnancy. 26,27,28/9/21- 10am I take again pregnancy test and yes, a strong line there. Well of coz if there's a strong line like that the result is positive right. I used a cheap pregnancy test also i hot a strong line. Now i'm a happy mommy. I can feel relieved. I know that i'm pregnant but still in early stage. 29/9/21 - 11am I try to used the digital pregnancy test and hopefully i got a confirm answer. Bless to the almighty, i got a positive result. It stated that i'm pregnant 1-2 weeks. Anddd now my husband trust me and not saying that i'm delusional 😅 Even though this is my third pregnancy but it's totally different from the other two. This time like everything is early and shocked 😅 and now also my belly is big enough i can say and like i feel i'm pregnant with twins😅 i have a strong twins genes on my family. I'm not hoping it's a twins but if its a twins its a blessed 💖 And to be honest, i take all the pregnancy test before my period due date. It's like 2 weeks before period. That digital test i take is 6 days before menses. This week a should get my menses but turns out i'm pregnant. Just to share my experience this time. Thank you for reading 😅

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Super Mum

Congratulations Bella!

2mo ago

Tq so much 😄