I almost had post natal depression

Ok guys my baby turning 2 month old . Yippee!!! But before this i almost had PND! It was because of my mil and her helper (maid) . Firstly , my MIL put me into a situation where she dc if im in pain she wanna bring visitors and all. And her helper be thinking she can takecare of ppl’s child better than their own mothers can ok. So yes i am gonna have a place of my own soon so she was requesting like eh 1 week once come over and sleep and must visit everytime???? Wah i almost turn crazy but yes now i and my husband say no to everything and ow our way. And i told her helper off that i did not need any help and yes i really dont need it cause my husband was helping me 100% and i really had a good rest. And now her helping is sulking all the way. Im so annoyed. Can’t wait to get out.

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