Urine on third trimester

Not sure if it’s just me or any other mummies experienced the same.. I am on my third trimester, week 32 to be exact. I noticed last few days even though i drink a lot of water my yellow is quite yellowish , should i concern about it?

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I belive it could also be because the vitamins we take. Theres nothing to worry about unless you feel pain or burning sensation during pee, that one means have uti. But other than that, nothing to worry about

My multi vitamin will turn my next pee quite yellow but if drink enough plain water, the next few pee color should get lighter.

me week 19. same issue. i drink lots water but pee so yellow. start bout week 13, maybe because the suppliment doc given.

it just means even though you think it’s a lot, you still not drinking enough for your body..

could be vit c in your supplements?