6mo- urine yellowish

My 6mo has started solids for a few weeks. His milk intake continue to be the same about 650 ml per day plus abt 90ml water per day but his urine is still yellowish. Tried to increase his milk but he didnt finish it. Just afraid he is dehydrating, but not sure should i increase his water intake becos he love plain water more than ny breastmilk :(

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Hi mummy! Pls don't give that much water to your 6 mth old yet. His staple is still milk until 1 yrs old. Breastmilk is mainly water so your baby certainly does not need that much of water to drink. As for yellowish urine. I think it's normal. My baby is also 6 mths old and his urine is also yellowish but I don't feed him that much of water (only a few spoonful during solids) cos I still want him to drink his milk. You can read this article : https://sg.theasianparent.com/when-to-give-baby-water?utm_source=question&utm_medium=recommended

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2y ago

Thank you!