Spotting on 9 weeks and 3 days

Is it normal to have a spotting in my 9 weeks and 3 days? I was at work then i felt dizzy so i rested for a couple of minutes and i had a severe tummyache that lasted like 30 mins or more. I went directly to my ob and she said that the baby's position it's not right so she required me bed rest and gave me duphaston for the baby.. do you guys experienced this too? What should i do to avoid this? :( #1stimemom

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have your OB suggested you to do TVS, Ma? kasi ako I have Subchorionic Hemorrhage. not the same case as yours but may blood clot sa loob ng tummy ko na needed ko din Bed Rest and to take Duphaston as well. 2 weeks na nag extend pa ng another 2 weeks ang bed rest ko due to SCH. high risk din kasi threatened miscarriage. kaya niresetahan din ako ng heragest 200mg intravaginal bago mag sleep. praying na mawala na. take care ka lang Ma sa mga ginagawa mo. 13 weeks na kami ni baby now and counting.. pahinga ka lang Ma and no strenuous activity. bawal din stress.

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2y ago

okay na Mommy. nung nag 2nd trimester na. magaan na sa feeling. tsaka no problem na kami nj baby.😊