constant headache at 14 weeks!

Is it normal to get a headache across the forehead the whole day? Its been 3 days.. how long will it last ? Any remedies to relieve it ?

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I had bad headaches as well. was taking panadol daily. but it didn't help. in the end my gynae told me to try drinking half a cup of coffee or green tea. turns out my headache was due to caffine withdrawal cos I cut caffine completely. so just drinking a cup of green tea once every few days did the trick for me.

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same i had this problem for 1.5weeks..i took panadol for the first 4 to 5 days..but normal one..not anarex or panadol extra..should be normal paracetamol..i consulted a doc b4 takin..he said its ok..

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Have you seen your doctor? It could be due to hormones. Do drink lots of water or 100 plus (electrolytes). Try to sleep or rest more too.

I got the same issue at ard week 18. I went to GP, GP told me to eat normal Panadol, which is the same advice I got from my gynae.

drink plenty of water. if really can't take it, normal panadol can take . was advised by my gynae as I have frequent headache.

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yes. drink warm water.. i did eat normal panadol when i rly cannot tahan

It’s normal don’t worry :) just drink alot of water .