Booster jab?

I’m currently @ 16 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to take the booster jab? Especially when i’m working under healthcare settings.

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I'm taking mine soon and my gynae says it's safe to take. BCS our immune system drops a lot during pregnancy, so my gynae encourages me to take to protect myself and baby. but you might want to consult your gynae first, to be sure.

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you should check with your gynae regarding this matter because i think booster is quite new and im not so sure if any pregnant ladies have taken it yet….. but yes pls check with your gynae regarding this.

I'm in healthcare too, took my booster jab at 22weeks, my gynae gave the green light. After booster had sore arm and lethargy for 1 day. My symptoms were not as bad as 2nd jab (before pregnancy)


I'm currently in my 2nd trimester and have just asked my gynae about the booster jab too as mine will be up soon. Gynae gave the go-ahead and said it's safe to take the booster...

Okay to take in 2nd trimester, best to have it within week 22-27 as advised to me by a specialist.

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According to the specialist, any stage of the pregnancy is fine, but ideally in 2nd trimester. 1. Because there is minimal pregnancy symptoms like nausea and vomitting etc which helps you better cope with the side effects of the vaccine unlike in 1st and 3rd trimester. 2. It takes time for the antibodies to develop in your body after the vaccine and the ideal window for baby to receive antibodies from mummy is during week 22-27 when baby’s main organs have already developed.

I took mine yesterday at 13+ weeks. Surprisingly not as bad as second jab

safe to take. I took mine a few weeks ago during my first trimester :)

I’m currently 16 weeks too but will wait to take booster after giving birth