False positive preg test and weird period after MC

Need advice pls!!! Previously I went through a miscarriage for my first pregnancy in April, I was 7 weeks pregnant. Had bleeding with clots and gynae told me I may miscarry and I did. Gynae checked my blood test for hcg level and did scanning, everything was normal and cleared. Got my first period which was normal after MC on May 5th. My periods are usually regular. But end of May early June I experienced pregnancy symptoms like I did for my first pregnancy and decided to do a pregnancy test using the clear blue kit after my period was delayed for 2 days. Test came out positive with 1-2 weeks conception date. 2 days later I started having light bleeding with clots in my pee. Went to the doctor and took a blood test 3 days later, results was 0 and I was not preg. Doctor mentioned it could be my period. But it totally look like the bleeding I had for my first pregnancy. Really confused right now Did I miscarry or was it my period which was not the normal period?? Did anyone go through something similar??? And if I wanna try again, how do I check for ovulation? Extremely confused and sad!!!

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