Confused after 2nd test kit

Hi i been late for 13 days period this month, last month my I'm not sure if I'm period or not as my blood does not flow or heavy much like normal, only 3 days but just a little bit like we having 5 days. Recently I'm having a miscarriage. And today i decided to check test kit again. Few weeks i did check with clear blue kit and cheap test kit but it was negative. Today the first test kit show faded. As I'm still not believe it. So i test again 3 hrs later, it show no faded line anymore.#pregnancy #worryingmom #pleasehelp #advicepls#pregnancy #pleasehelp #worryingmom #advicepls

Confused after 2nd test kit
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maybe you might try going for blood test to check? cause all my checks at home all showed negative but when I went for blood test it stated positive.

2y ago

so we can go poly and request for blood test? I'm afraid they as for urine test again. as i book appointment today.

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praise to god I'm positive 😭🥰 thanks mummies for sharing. please wish me well as I'm abit trauma about recently 4 months ago miscarriage.

try using the digital kit instead for more accurate answer instead of keep guessing like this

go clinic for blood test, more accurate..