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Is it necessary to bring 2mo to see pd if she is having blocked nose(only) and am already using sterimar and iliadin drop for her? What could likely be the cause for blocked nose?

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Is her mucus clear? If so, it could be reflux. My LO had that. The PD did a nasal suction and recommended to keep her upright as much as we can after milk and sterima sprays. Keeping her upright will allow the mucus to flow down the nose and throat. If she lays down too much, mucus might end up stuck in the nasal area or the ears, and may end up with secondary infection. Hope she gets well soon.

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6y ago

But there isint any mucus. We are worried of her getting infection therefore contemplating whether is there a need to see a pd. Yes, indeed she has some reflux once in awhile due to her blocked nose. We have been using sterimar before her feeds.

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need not too. It could be the dry air in the room. use a humidifier to help