1m Cough and Blocked Nose

Hi moms, my baby is having cough and blocked nose. it’s almost a week now. we did bring her to see PD and to emergency dept but they gv Nasal Drop only. How long will it take for her to recover? I feel so helpless.

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My baby usually take around 2 weeks to recover from flu. So don’t worry so much! She’ll get better soon. I also use the nasal spray. I think there’s also nasal drop, the one that’s used once a day only. Then I also have nose frida to help suck all the mucus out! But not sure if all these are safe for a month old baby. But I think if u bring to PD, they could help to suck the nose. They did that for my baby before, but I can’t rmb how old he was.

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Same here. My baby is a mth old and having congested nose and slight cough. There's no medicine for babies below 3 mths old. My husband bought a diffuser and an essential oil that we saw at a shop that sells maternity clothes and baby stuff. It's for blocked nose especially for babies and thankfully it helps! We switched it on all day.

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kkh gave me iliadin and tonimer spray for my LO block nose. however very hard to determined when can it recover. My LO also having block nose for sometime. you can try massage her nose too. and buy the nasal suction for her everytime u feed u try to use it to clear her block nose for bettet feeding

2y ago

Thank you for the insight, really appreciate it. Hope your LO get better soon too :)

My baby is one month plus and always have blocked nose too so we just use baby saline spray. Doctor can’t do much as well as they are still very young.