Anyone drank a cup of coffee everyday throughout their pregnancy and baby is ok?

My nausea was really bad and nothing helps until i craved for a coffee and the nausea was manageble. But of course i took small sips. But it helps so much! 😭

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I was a bit kiasu and was heavy coffee drinker but I stopped everything, including all drinks with caffeine all e way till 3rd trimester for my first born even thou Dr has informed it’s okay to drink at moderate.. Please note that decaf coffee, tea, soft drinks also contains caffeine.. Just drink moderately, if it really helps you.. Don’t worry!

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my friend drinks a cup of milk coffee everyday during her pregnancy and baby is born healthy.. for me I'm not really a everyday coffee person but I do drink maybe 2 cups per week when i need a caffeine boost! sometimes I drink bbtea/greentea too which also contains caffeine too. my gynae say coffee in moderation is perfectly okay. Just don't overdo it. :D

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1mo ago

thank you for your reply. i can tahan very well for my secondborn. zero coffee and baby is really well so far. but this time i cannot. haha. my firstborn is autistic so im not sure if coffee will affect baby. so im abit scared but noooo i cnnt tahaaannn. but yeah i will try the decaf one.

I don’t drink everyday but maybe 2-3x a week if I have coffee cravings. Most of the time I just drink BBT 😅 I didn’t really bother much about caffeine intake. 😊 Baby is well and healthy. 😃 Alternatively you can go for decaf options?

1mo ago


I drank a lot of coffee like 3-4 cups a day until I found out I was pregnant at 3rd month. I cut down and subsequently changed to decaf Nespresso capsules . Which has much much lesser caffeine . Baby is happy and healthy now :)

FTM here. I craved for a cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning since first trimester. Gave birth about a month ago. Overall, baby is ok. I dont have morning sickness or GD during this pregnancy too.

1mo ago

wow thank you for your reply. like my other replies above, i really need the coffee for comfort to my bad morning sickness. jz alil scared cz my firstborn is autistic and my secondborn is not so im not sure if coffee will affect baby. but i guess not.

I try to cut my coffee intake as well but sometimes really feel like having.. but I limit myself to 1 cup per day, either tea or coffee.. I will try to take tea more than coffee..

My friend did drink coffee everyday and her baby is fine. I drink it when I crave for it too. As long as mummy is happy and feeling better.

1mo ago

thank you for your reply! i will drink the decaf ones. cz yeah just alil scared mite affect baby.

coffee addict here, drank 1 to 2 cups starbucks coffee daily both children are fine

I drank coffee thru out my pregnancy but limit to a cup one day! All fine :)

me! baby okay, now 3, no sign of being a caffeine addict 🤣