Does anyone here experience the same thing?

Naguguluhan ako ngayon :( I'm supposed to be 14 weeks and 4 days na today but my friend ask me to buy PT because she don't believed me that I'm pregnant kasi tinago ko sa kanya. But to my suprise the result is negative😭 I don't know what happened😭 why the result is negative today? I tried it 3 times and had the same result😭 does it mean po ba nakunan ako?😭

Does anyone here experience the same thing?
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or try mo serum test and see an OB.

Never ka pa nakapag pacheck-up?

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punta ka ob the best decision

Pa tvs nalang po para sure.

confused? pacheck up kay ob

Check up to be sure.


Pa checkup ka kay OB

need po pt again.

pa pulso ka po

negative po