My toddler seems to be wetting her bed more often lately! Could it be the pull-ups we are using? What's a good overnight diaper?

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I'm using Merries pull-ups. I beg to differ from Samantha's point of view as it's not always me who changes the diaper; my hubby doesn't always stick it properly, so pull-ups work great for us. Merries is very good in holding poo-namis! So far even when my daughter poops a mountain there's no leakage. ;)

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Mamy Poko and Merries are absorbent and can last through the night. As mentioned, tape diapers can be tightened and will prevent leakages when your child moves around during her sleep.

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I have been using the Mamy Poko brand (tape diaper) for night. I don't think pull-ups work great as night diapers. You might want to consider changing to the tape ones.

I have used mamy poko and huggies pull up. So far is okay and just to make sure don't buy too big size and make sure the flaps at the sides are pointing outwards.