My son is starting school in a few weeks and his classes start at 10.30am. I'm trying to get him to wake up later than his usual 6-6.30am time with little success. We've tried putting him to sleep later, reducing day naps, etc but nothing has worked. Do you clever mummies have any other tricks youve tried?

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I’ve read this nifty trick shared by another mum: Details can be found in the article but here’s a quick summary. You will need a digital clock, a piece of paper, tape and a marker to do this. First, decide on the timing that you want your child to wake up at. Write the hour of the timing on the piece of paper with the marker. Tape the paper over the minutes part of the alarm clock (as shown in image). Show your child the clock and tell him that he can only get out of bed with the number on the clock matches the number on the paper. It will take some time for your child to learn and adapt to the idea. In the initial weeks, simply bring your child back to bed and repeat the instructions. You can go in at the stipulated timing to wake him or to get him. Praise him for staying in bed till you went to get him. I think it’s worth a try. Sounds novel and interesting for a child. ;)

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