My son is 14 months and very active. He tries to climb everything these days. He sleeps alone in his room in his cot and I'm worried he might try to climb out. Anyone had their kids jump out of the cot? And at what age if so?

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Once you notice signs of your child attempting to climb out of his cot, it is time to transit him to a bed. Children between 18 and 24 months will likely have the ability to climb over their cots. Some children may be particularly agile and start attempting earlier while others may never make such attempts (not as adventurous perhaps). Therefore, for safety reasons, if you observe your child trying to climb out of his cot, it's time for the transition.

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Just make sure that your child will not be left all alone. I think it is normal for those age to climb up everything. It's almost inevitable. So my wife and I agree that either one of us will always have an eye on our baby.