My son has picked up some abuses from kids in his school and casually uses them in conversations. Ive tried scolding him and trying to make him understand its not right but he continues. My wife and me are worried, how do I break this habit?

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If your kid is around 3 or 4, ignore whenever he says the those words, as kids tend to do those things more to which we say, 'No'. And if he is older then you need to calmly sit with him and when he is in his best of mood, bring up the topic and try to make him understand that you feel sad whenever you use such words as they are not good. Do not over react. Tell him that you yourself don't use such words because they are not good to hear. Ask him how would he feel if he gets yelled or scolded by you? Give him examples of bad behaviour met by him by other kids and how he must have felt sad and try to relate it to this situation.

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