My son get fever yesterday, but it's gonna be worth, what can i do to make him better?

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Is your kid still active running and playing around? If he is having fever (more than 39 degree celcius) and look legarthic, please bring him to doctor or hospital immediately. Also, if he is unable to take any fluid, send him to hospital to avoid dehydration. My protocol for fever is, I will feed paracetamol first, if after 2 hrs fever is still not able to subside, I will give brufen. If brufen is still not able to bring down fever after 2 hrs, I will send to hospital. If paracetamol is working in the first place, and no sign of legarthic or dehydration, I will monitor for 72 hours (3days). When fever is more than 3 days, I will bring to PD for blood test (more than 3 days likely will be an infection).

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My 14mo boy was down with high fever last 2weeks for the 2nd time. He dislike fever syrup smell & taste and will throw up food & bm if i forcefully syringe into his mouth so I gave him a 125mg Paracetamol Suppository. This time even after 1hr it doesn't seem subside at 38.8°C from 39°C.. this continues to the 3rd day and thankfully a friend recommendes natural options. Firstly I sponged his whole body with Apple Cider Vinegar mix with warm water then apply a thin layer of egg white on his feet. Then put ByeBye Fever on his underarms, inner thigh and neck area behind ears. 4hours later his temperature brought down to 37.5°C.. oh I did cut onion & put beside bed to kill bacteria & viruses in the air.

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If he is having a fever, you can try to sponge him, feed him paracetamol prescribed by doctor and you can stick baby cool aid on his head. Try to let him wear cooling so that the heat will not be trapped. Keep him hydrated as well. If the fever still persists, please bring him to the doctor.

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How Old is your son? Did you visit the doctor?

Have you tried using the kool fever patches?

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6y ago

is it really effective? no need for the child to take medicine?