I want my son to learn coding but he's not interested. How can I get him to be interested?

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I think the best way to teach your son or daughter how to code is by exposing them to it. When they see that it's something they can do, they'll be more likely to try it. then that would be a good place to start. You can also try https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint/business/ source to get free templates. You could also try starting up a blog where you write about what your child does in-between school assignments and afterschool activities, as well as share links to interesting articles about programming languages and tools.

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Which programming language did he start learning coding with? We find that visual programming languages with drag and drop interface and instant feedback loop work best with younger kids. Scratch is a good example. There's a screen on the left. You drag and drop the command blocks you want on the right. Hit a trigger button (usually green flag or space bar) and the child can instantaneously see on the screen what their piece of code did. Agree with Yuna best not to force him if he's not interested. May put it off programming for a long time.

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You could try sending him for classes or talking to him about it. But if he's not interested, best not to force him. It will turn him away from it even more.