My one-and-a-half year old boy hasn’t started walking. I am worried about him. Anyone going through the same?

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Every baby is different. While there are babies who start walking as early as six months, others take as long as one year to two years to walk. If your child is otherwise active and is having his meals on time, perhaps all is well. You can still mention this to your doctor during your next visit :)

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Some babies are faster, and some are slower. Your baby might be a bit slower to hit this milestone but may be faster at others. If you are overly concerned, do check with your PD.

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This shouldn't be a problem, unless the doctor says there is something wrong. If you baby is healthy and is playing and eating food there is nothing to worry. All babies start walking at a differnt age some at 1yr of age some at 2 yrs.

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If he sitting n crawling late means walking also late .. each kid is different my kid started walking abt 1.3yrs so just wait or else talk with ur ped

If your baby hasn’t started walking at 1.5 yrs then you should talk to your doctor since your baby’s motor skills aren’t developing properly.

no worries.. its normal. different babies have different development of growth. always stimulate your baby... your baby will walk soon

all babys grow and develop at there own speed, worry less and encourage him to take that first step. :)

its normal .. my daughter now 16 months old.. just 1 month over to she started to walk.

my daughter was 17 1/2 months old when she started walking

Am going through the same thing am so so worried