My menses resumed yesterday and I am 4 months postpartum. For my firstborn, I was exclusively pumping and my menses came back only 8 months later. I was able to pump till LO was 1 years old. I am pumping and latching this time round. Does it mean my breastfeeding journey is ending soon?

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Don't worry, there are no cause for concern. My menses came back when I was around 9mths pp but I still breastfeed my #1 till she was about 15-16mo when I got pregnant with #2. Continue to latch and pump, where there is demand, there is supply. Hope this helps!

No. Mine came back the following month after delivery. And mine was regularly every month, rarely it will skip a mth. And I bf my LO till 16mths as I was preggy. As long as you keep going, the supply will go on. Don't stress! Stress will cause a dip too.

Nope! It's not! My menses came back when Lo is 4 months but it's 15 months now and I'm still bf!

no, dont worry. I had my menses at 2 months pp. and now at 4months pp I am still bfing