My husband is afraid to have intercourse while I'm pregnant because he might hurt the baby. What should I tell him?

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One of the so-called good times for intercourse is after the pregnancy enters the second trimester. In early pregnancy, mothers are not recommended for sexual activity because of reasons for her body changes. Changes in body conditions in early pregnancy, ranging from hormonal changes, frequent nausea, and unstable emotions are said to make sexual activity disrupted and do not run comfortably. Women need time to be able to adapt to the condition of his body. if you're doin intercourse in the first trimester, pls kindly check your baby health to doctor. or simply consult your problem in Halodoc app to get more information about your health and of course your baby

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Tell him that he is being silly. Haha. Unless his penis has a razor sharp tip and is very, very long, the chances of him hurting the fetus is close to zero. The penis does not come into contact with the fetus during intercourse as the fetus is safe in the amniotic fluid and water bag. It is also well protected by the thick uterus wall. The opening of the cervix is also sealed with a thick mucus plug to prevent infections. Sex during pregnancy is fun and safe if your gynae has given the go-ahead and you are feeling up to it.

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Mine is too, I took him with me to the doctors and they said it's safe and the mucus plug is blocking everything from getting to the baby. It helped a little but pregnant sex is so much easier to reach orgasms for us women, so hopefully he relaxes and enjoys it with you! Come the second and third trimester you will be wanting it all the time! So if he's not into it, you will enjoy solo time

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I wonder why husbands are like that. Haha. They really think they are so long that they can reach the baby? Show him articles and get the gynae to reassure that sex is fine even though late into the 3rd trimester.

Hi anonymous I'm also abstaining hey! It's tough I know, well my gynea said it will be OK if it's gentle probably safest well into 2nd trimester. Tell hubby that it is safe and had nothing to worry about.

Baby is well protected with the amniotic sac. Unless you have a history or a medical complication, it is perfectly fine to have sex in whatever way you are comfortable with.

Unless you are having a complicated pregnancy if not, just ensure him that it will be a whole new experience and don't worry at all about hurting the baby.

There is no problem in having sex during pregnancy. The baby is well protected in the womb. The main thing to consider is what sex position to use.

You can go to your gynea with him, and ask your gynea about that with him listening. If your gynea tell you it is okay, maybe it will ensure him.

As long as there is no pregnancy complications e.g. polyps, bleeding, low placenta, sex is safe starting from 2nd trimester onwards