My daughter is turning 2 soon and I'm thinking of throwing her an egg-surprise party as she is very into it recently. Is it silly to do a theme party for her at this age where I think she won't be able to remember anything?

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I think it's sweet and fun to do a theme party for your daughter. While she may not remember the event, in future when she looks back at the photographs, you could explain to her why that theme was chosen. It would also be fun for the other parents and children attending. Not to mention, having a theme can make planning more focused (e.g., cake and decorations). Have fun!

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I did mini parties for my girl in school yearly based on the theme she liked. Up till now she still can remember her 3rd year party theme, Big Bad Wolf and 3 Little Pigs whenever I show her the yearly photobook. I think your egg-surprise will be a great memories for your girl.

Memories are not just personal but you can have plenty of photos to remind her and yourself of this awesome party you have. So you should definitely plan it well and make sure you photograph and/or video every part of it. Wishing you a fun and memorable party!!!

Not silly at all. When she's older and looking back on it through photos/videos, she'll appreciate it very much that you went out of your way to make her birthday special even if she's still too young to acknowledge it. :)

It is not silly. Video the theme party and tag your daughter so that the video is in her Facebook account! When she grows up and watches the video, she will understand and appreciate how much you love her!

Do it! And don't forget to take videos and pictures. These quirky little details about herself when she was little, will go a long way when she's a lot older, she will thank you!

Your daughter will definitely enjoy it! Kids live in the moment, and although she may not remember it in the future, she will definitely remember her happy childhood :)

I think it's a great idea! It will be nice to look back at the photos with her when she is old enough. It will bring back fond memories.