My child is currently 12m and I am still breastfeeding her. I am thinking of weaning as she bites me when I am feeding her. How do I stop her from biting and how to start the weaning process?

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Technically, if a baby is nursing properly, he/she is unable to bite the mother at the same time. This is because the tongue will be covering the bottom teeth/gum. That being said, a baby may still bite or would attempt to, especially when he/she is tething. Usually, a baby bites just before or after nursing. It could be that he/she is impatient while waiting for the milk to come out, or that he/she is done with nursing and just biting out of boredem. To prvent getting bitten from your baby, you can try: - if baby is teeth: offer your baby a teething toy or something cold for her to bite on. You can also offer this before a feeding session to prevent him/her from biting at the start of the session. - At the start of the session: ensure that your baby opens wide when latching on to ensure that he/she latches on properly. - At the end of the session: watch out for signs of boredom from the baby. You can also watch for tension in baby’s jam or when he/she pull his/her tongue back from the normal position (over the lower gum/teeth). Take baby away from breast before he/she can start biting. In general, pay attention to your baby. Do not force a feeding session if he/she is not interested in nursing. Also, paying attention to your baby (such as by maintain eye contact with him/her) may help prevent your baby from biting to attract your attention. For more tips on how to breastfeed a biting baby, you can refer to this article: As for starting the weaning process, here’s an article that you may find helpful: Highlighted in the article are the following points: - Whether she is ready or would she consider baby-led weaning? If she is going back to work, she can plan on how to express and store milk. Start the process of weaning gradually to give both her body and her baby to adjust - The weaning process may take a few months, do it gradually as a sudden stop will lead to engorgement, blocked ducts and is also traumatic for the baby - Before starting the process, speak to her pediatrician for advice on supplement and which type of milk to give her daughter - Research on what type of milk bottles she should buy, the different types of teats available (keeping in mind that there are different flow rates available) - Prepare to start her baby on solids and prepare a list of food to let her baby try - Also good to learn about how to prepare solids and how to puree/blend/strain food for her daughter (and the equipment involved) - Be prepared for resistance from the baby (tears and screaming) - Pay more attention to her baby and shower her with more cuddles to help provide a sense of comfort and security to facilitate the process - Try to avoid starting the process in the midst of other major changes that may be taking place (e.g., going back to work, going on a holiday) In general, there is no need to start weaning if the biting is the main concern. However, it may take some time for you to find the method to help prevent your baby from biting you. Hope these help!

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