My boy refuse to brush his teeth with any toothpaste except for First Teeth. He complains that the rest is too 'hot' even the mildest Kodomo Strawberry flavour. I gave up and just let him brush with water. Is brushing with just water alright?

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How old is your son? It is advised that children above 3 years of age use fluoride toothpaste. First Teeth has no fluoride. I guess the only way out is to try all the different brands until he finds one that is ok. A trip to the dentist may also help. Kids always listen to their doctors, teachers more than us parents.

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Yes, it is safe to brush with just water. To encourage his interest in dental care, try a fun brush with a favorite character and bright color. And let him watch Mommy and Daddy take good care of their own teeth, so he learns that it's a habit to keep for life.

If your kid is older than 2, you need to let him use toothpaste that contains fluoride so to prevent tooth decay. You can try this Tom's brand which has strawberry flavor and made from natural ingredients for him to try. My both kids love the taste and smell.

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Its better if you visit a Dentist once. He can suggest a better perfect paste for your child. Moreover you should also check once and make sure that the tooth brush is very soft. That may also be the reason