It is a HUGE struggle getting my 3 year old son to brush his teeth in the morning and at night. He would cry, refuse to let us carry him, and just simply refuse to brush his teeth. I have tried scare tactics, scolding him and even bribing but it's all not working. HELP!

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What I do to encourage my 2 years old son to start to brush his teeth since he turned 1: 1. Give him a real toothbrush and non fluoride toothpaste 2. Sing a brush teeth song during brushing teeth 3. I will brush together with him every morning and night 4. I get a step stool for him so he can access the tap water himself 5. Prepare a cup for him to rinse mouth, sometimes he will swollow the tap water but it's part of learning process 6. Do it daily! If you are not consistent kid will hard to pick up the habit and make it a routine

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Perhaps you could take his favourite stuffed toy and show him that his stuffed toy needs to brush its teeth twice a day as well. Children love role playing. Also, try out interactive cloth books such as this one by Mother Goose which comes with a fabric toothbrush and toothpaste where he can play with the toothbrush and toothpaste and brush the teeth of the characters in the book.

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Hi Minoli, thank you for your suggestion. I tried singing songs too about brushing teeth. Even borrowing books about teeth hygiene from the library and reading to him. They all helped. But only for a couple of days before it all starts again! I'm at my wits end.


Have you tried singing a song about brushing his teeth? There are plenty of songs available on Youtube. This is how I got my boy to be interested in brushing his teeth.