My aunt's been asking me to buy this bracelet for babies with red and black beads. She said this is necessary to avoid "balis" whenever a stranger greets our 8-month old nephew. Do you know where I can purchase this? Image source:

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Hi mommy! I think those vendors outside the church have that. I know there's many of that in Quiapo. I personally didn't use that as I believe 'balis' is just another myth. We also made sure no strangers and even some friends will get close our baby. I believe that they may be carrying germs/bacteria/virus that's going to make my baby sick, more than the myths. I also think that my baby's skin will be irritated with the beads or that he may feel uncomfortable with the bracelet itself. I was also worried that it may be unhygienic as well because babies will put everything in their mouth when they're curious. I'm afraid that the coatings (I'm not sure what they call it) may chip off and my baby might eat it. But that's just me. I have no intentions of making you or your aunt feel bad about using this bracelet. But should you decide to use one, I hope you'll be extra careful and make sure the baby won't put it in his mouth or something.

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