My 5 month old flipped over and fell off the bed. Doesn't seem like it's anything serious but he's been waking up every hour at night since. Could this be night terrors or should I be seeing a doctor to check for a head fracture?

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My daughter fell off the bed at about 6 months too and cried her lungs out. She seemed fine afterwards, but I brought her to the doctor anyways to have my mind settled otherwise I'd be constantly worried. Doctor told me to bring her to A&E if she starts vomitting, refusing milk or eyes not focusing on her toys. She was fine, thankfully no bumps or scars either but the mummy guilt lives on until today (she's 7 years old now). I learnt my lesson with her and now that my son is flipping & turning like a pro, I've got bed rails installed since he co-sleeps with me. On days that he's sleeping on his own, he sleeps on his mat so I know I can leave him alone while I do my chores.

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Babies have soft bones, so they aren't as easily fractured. It's advisable to monitor him for 24 hours. The danger signs include: - Loss of consciousness - Bleeding which cannot be stopped even when pressure is applied - Unusual pupil movements or changes in pupil size - Prolonged crying or screaming If he still appears normal, I'd say it's nothing to be worried about. Maybe you could train your boy to maneuver himself down the bed safely:

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Oh dear, I think it's always better to check with the doctor first, just to be sure and rule out that baby is not injured in any way. Sometimes injuries that cannot be seen are scarier than those that are visible. Follow your instincts, if you feel uncomfortable with the severity of your child's fall — you think he must have gotten hurt — or if your child is acting irritable or confused, take him to the doctor to get checked out. Till then, keep observing baby for any anomalies especially if he fell and hit his head.

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