My 18m toddler has been scratching her diaper area ie around the waist and groin area. I am not sure if it is due to the humid weather recently. I have tried to loose the diaper and applied moisturiser/desitin but it doesn't seem to be getting better. What else I can do to ease her itching?

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High chance it's due to the weather. You can try him on cloth diaper instead. You will have no choice to change the cloth diaper once wet, therefore, it will be less humidity involved. If you do not have a cloth diapers, try to change the diapers every 2 hrs. Try not to let it b wet for too long elae it may later lead to unnecessary infection.

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Yes, like what Grace had mention, it could be due to hot weather and developed some rash. I let my kids wear these cloth diapers when they have rash around the waist or when they have serious diaper rash. It works for them, you can give it a try. You can buy them at mothercare Singapore,kiddy palace Singapore

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Yes yes, humid weather will affect but not entirely. Uaually it is because you didn't change the diaper for too long and thus rashes developed. Would suggest you to use cloth diaper instead or else try potty training if your LO is ready. You will save super lots.

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It could be the hot weather and some infections due to scratch. I suggest you let your lo diaperless if he is at home and apply VCO (vco can help in reducing inflamation). Another option is to use cloth napkin or cloth diapers.

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try to potty train her. the diaper is wet and plus the weather it itches the area. same goes to my daughter too. try to wear cotton panties or cloth diaper.

keep her diaper free during the day. shes old enaf to be potty trained.